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Berlin Flows 2019 edition, Gushu Sheng Puerh Tea, 50g

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50g Raw Puerh from 300-500 year old trees, Ailao Mountain, Yunnan, China. Harvest April 2019

We secured a small batch of these leaves, naturally grown raw puerh from an 500 year old Gushu tea in the mountains of Ailao mountain. The perfect “berlin flow” for you, with a beautiful illustration. Perfect for drinking or storing. Bring these ancient trees to your home. Order the 2019 “berlin flows” edition – the 2nd round of our Berlin Puerh cake 🙂

The raw puerh was just harvested end of April 2018 from 300-500 year old trees (“Gushu”). The tea is hand processed and selected by Mr. Lin in May 2019. He pressed the tea for us in Xishuangbanna End June 2019 and you can enjoy it. The tea leaves come from the Ailao Mountain nature park in Yunnan. The puerh is delivered as 50g cakes with a wonderful design by Julia Kuo. The illustration is printed on the puerh wrapping. Discover this raw puerh and its unique flavor with a strong long lasting sweetness (“Huigan”).

We recommend to brew it Gongfu style, 5g per 180ml. One cake should be enough for 50 servings and each serving can be brewed 6-10x. (200+ cups of Puerh, 0.25€ per cup) Good for drinking and storing.

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