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Bio-Dynamite, Taiwan Arbor Tree Oolong, Baoshan, Taiwan

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25g of traditional Oolong style from Taiwanese Arbor trees (Camellia Formosensis). Spring 2019

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Our Bio-Dynamite Oolong is made out of an old cultivar of Taiwanese tea tree’s that are standing in the jungle in Liugui, Southern Taiwan. The trees are native to Taiwan and produce a very particular and special taste – a bit like caramel with a lot of umami taste. The leaves come from the Camellia formosensis variety. The tea is processed in a traditional style Oolong, higher oxidized than the normal Taiwan Oolong and not rolled into balls. The flavor is very different from a “normal” Oolong. You can feel the power of the old tea trees in your tea bowl. That is why we named it Bio-Dynamite.

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Liu Shifu & Family


Bao Shan, Gaoxiong, Taiwan


Naturally wild grown arbor trees (no pesticides, no fertilizer, minimum invasive)




Handpicked in April 2019, withered to 30%, shortly baked, rolled by hand

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