Dark & wild, Old cultivar dark tea winter 2018 harvest, Taiwan


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25g hand harvested artisan tea – 8 servings á 3g, each serving three or more re-steeps, 48 cups

This dark tea is something special – an old cultivar that has been wild planted in the forests of Bao Mountain. Something you hardly find in Taiwan anymore. Support this wonderful farmer and tea maker and get yourself the taste of this natural tea with beautiful looks. Pre-order now and get the fresh tea directly from Taiwan to you.

Dark tea is hardly seen outside of China and Taiwan. It is a very strong tea in its flavor, with a dominant sweetness. Perfect for morning meditations or autumn days. Ages well due to post-fermentation.

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Order the 2018 “dark & wild” edition. The perfect contrast to “White & wild

This dark tea comes from an old cultivar planted years ago in the mountains around Gaoxiong. Some of the trees date back 100years, on average around 20-30 years though. The trees are standing completely left alone within a forest in Bao Mountain at around 1200m. No pesticides, no fertilizer, no pruning.  The leaves from these trees are only harvest once per year in Spring by the owners – aboriginal Bunun people. Then Mr. Liu is making this very unique and natural product with very little processing . To learn more about Taiwanese wild tea, we recommend to have a look at https://vimeo.com/131620469.

Good for drinking and storing. The tea was harvested early April 2018 and is now being processed to dark tea by Mr. Liu’s father. The tea coop is working on a very small scale together with the local aboriginals. What we found fascinating is, how much they are committed to make something next to the Taiwanese mainstream of perfect rolled Oolong tea.

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Liu Shifu & Family


Bao Shan, Gaoxiong, Taiwan


Naturally wild grown arbor trees (no pesticides, no fertilizer, minimum invasive)




Handpicked in April 2018, withered, sun dried and shortly baked.


Air tight bags



Size of farm:

< 1 ha

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