Spring is is here - all fresh 2019 tea's are available - we have something special this year - Formosa Puerh. Check it out

Formosa Shou Puerh, Camellia formosensis, Old tree tea cake, Taiwan


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Very limited edition with artwork from Taiwanese-German artist Helen Hu, 100g fermented tea cake.

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Have you ever had a Puerh tea from Taiwan? This tea is made from up to 300 year old native Taiwanese tea trees and produced like a Puerh tea – our Formosa Puerh. A very unique tea and a real eyecatcher thanks to the beautiful artwork. The Sheng Puerh version follows the next days




Liu Shifu & Family


Bao Shan, Gaoxiong, Taiwan


Naturally wild grown arbor trees (no pesticides, no fertilizer, minimum invasive)


to 1500m


Handpicked in April 2019, shortly baked, sun-dried, pressed into a cake

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