Taiwan Tea Tour, Winter harvest 2020, 3 teas from 3 different tea farmer, Taiwan

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End of Nov 2020
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3* 50g: 150g of Taiwanese tea, Winter harvest 2020. Limited Edition. Pre Order

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Xian Tea invites you to become part of our tea sourcing trip – join our tour and get ALL the tea to decide which one you like the most. No filter. Checkout the Instagram story

For that we will prepare 5 Taiwanese teas from 5 different farms in Taiwan, each 25g – 125g of artisan tea. Enough for 30 times of tea tasting with friends. (180 cups of tea, 0.25€ per cup) Pre-Ordering the tea now supports us to bring you the tea from as many mountains as possible and to work with smaller farmers. The tea is shipped directly from Taiwan and you will get it in time before Christmas.

This winter the package might included:

  • Milky Oolong from Alishan (1200m)
  • Organic Black Tea
  • Honez Roasted Ooolong

The tea will be send to you as soon as we are back from the tour in Winter 2020, so you get the freshest possible tea. We want you to decide which one you like the most! You can tune in via Instagram.

Weight0.125 g

Various, will be added to each tea


Ali Shan, Lishan & other central Taiwanese high mountains


Organic with local certificate




Hand-picked in October-November 2020, date of picking on each package. May vary according to the region

Farm size

May vary


Xian Tea

  1. Anna Blondell

    I have to leave a glowing review of this year’s 5 teas 5 different farms tours. First, I live across the world from Taiwan and don’t have access to delicious, varied Taiwanese tea. So the fact that Xian-tea can ship this tea across the world to me for a very affordable price is the best. Second, the fact that it comes directly from the farmers is both great for me as a consumer and great for the tea farmers – the tea arrived in neat packages, sealed to preserve freshness, and I have been enjoying them for weeks now. But finally, and perhaps most importantly, the variety and quality of the tea can’t be beat. I can only speak as a tea-beginner, but having five very different teas to sample, each delicious in their own way, has taught me a lot about what flavor profiles I like in my teas, and has expanded my horizons.
    The connection between myself, and five tea farmers across the globe, is what makes this experience truly unique and special. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to explore more through tea!

  2. Andy Morton

    I bought the five tea tour and was blown away. Came in individually wrapped packages and was really fresh. Flavours were amazing – never had tea like it. My girlfriend had a taste and went and ordered some for her mum. Hope she likes it, Rose! Would defo buy again.

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