Unloved & Wild Maofeng, Green Tea, Anhui, China

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Handrolled & hand-roasted Wild Maofeng Green Tea from Anhui, China. Harvest Spring 2019.

Tasting notes: bamboo leaves, chestnut, sweet


Wild plucked Green Tea from Mr. Cheng in Anhui, China. It is called “unloved & wild” because the farmer only had it for his personal drinking – the Chinese tea market demands a very standardized and beautiful product – this tea while very naturally grown without any pesticides or fertilizer did not match this standard. The farmer called the tea his ugly tea – we loved the taste and it works great in a glas or as cold brew. Differently then the processing of traditional Maofeng the “Unloved & Wild” is hand-rolled to get our the flavor and break the enzymes.

The tea is made in a very small batch (<20kg), exclusive for us, hand picked and wild grown. Order it before we are out of stock.

bamboo leaves, chestnut, sweet

    • Cultivar: Unknown

    • Oxidization: 0%

    • Fermentation: 0%


  • Production: wild, none invasive

  • Fruit
  • Earth
  • Floral

Mr. Cheng and Family from Wangling Village in Anhui, China.


Wangling Village, close to Taiping Lake, Anhui, China


Wild grown in the mountains around the farmers village. No pesticides or fertilizer.




April 2019 by hand. Roasted by hand. Processed by hand.



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