Winter Candy, Premium Taiwan Oolong


Harvested January 2021.

Tasting notes: Notes of caramel, sweet rice, scent of bamboo grass

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For Taiwan in somehow could weather – around 15C – the young leaf buds are picked for this Winter premium Oolong. The buds are only picked once per year – in late December/ early January, which makes this lightly oxidised green Oolong a real winter candy. The scent is very strong almost like bamboo grass and the taste reminded us of notes from caramel or sweet rice. The tea liquor is greenish and holds for 3-4 steeps.

The tea is hand harvested and processed by the same farmer that makes our favourite Red and Rolled Oolong – Cheng Ming Jun. They already farm in the third generation in Mingjian County in the middle of Taiwan. The traditional family house is near by the farm and all tea farmed by the Cheng family is organic and free of pesticides. They have a Taiwanese TOAF organic label.

For this tea we recommend a soft water – it is rather delicate tea and thus needs the right preparation to shine.

caramel, sweet rice, scent of bamboo grass

  • Cultivar: Jade Oolong (No. 13)

  • Oxidization: 18%

  • Fermentation: 0%

  • Production: eco-friendly,certified

  • Fruity

  • Roasted

  • Floral

Weight N/A

Ming Cheng Jun


Mingjian, Taiwan


Organic, tested for pesticides




Early January 2021, young-leaf buds that are only picked once per year

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