Unlock rewards for you & yours

Invite your (tea) friends and family, and they'll receive an exclusive tea from our Taiwan Harvest 2020 worth €20! And, to say thank you, you'll earn the same exclusive tea worth €20 on their first shipment.

How it works

Share your personalised invite to your friend. Ask them to add your Email to their order notes.

Once their 1st box is shipped, you’ll both earn an exclusive tea (outside our normal assortment) worth 20€.*

Enjoy the tea together with your friend. #letsgetoolong

*Sharing is caring, so make all your friends’ tea dreams come true! Referral is only valid for new customers (or last order older than 12 month).

Your friend will get the exclusive & rare tea from our Winter Tea Tour on their first order after they placed the order and the payment went through. Minimum order value is 20€. We are a small company with love for tea and try to be fair to you and us. Send you the same tea with the shipment to your address. Shipment is included free within Europe.

If you believe their order has already been received but don’t see your credits, please contact us with your full name and email address, as well as your friend’s full name and email address. We make sure you get what you deserve!

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