Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

From where do you send you tea? Do I need to pay import taxes?

We ship from our friends Teerausch in Dresden, Germany (EU) – that means that all tea is already imported, taxes are paid and our tea is in line with higher legal requirements regarding e.g. pesticides than tea that you order directly from the origin country.

Where do you pack your tea?

To deliver the freshest possible tea, we let all tea be packaged at the farm. So you can enjoy the full aroma.

What is single origin tea?

Single origin tea means that all our products are from the tea plant camellia sinensis, without any additives or aromas (natural or artificial). Every tea comes from a single farmer, from a single location and we do not sell blended tea. Dorina and Gregor are both tea-enthusiasts and believe that there is a world out there with beautiful tea that needs to be explored. Specialty coffee opened people in Europe a new approach to coffee with all the taste nuances. Specialty tea has even more to offer.

How do you know the farmers?

Most farmers, we initially found by scouting on the ground in interesting tea regions within China and Taiwan. We are lucky to have many good friends in Taiwan and China and quickly build a network within the farmers. All farmers worked for the first time with non-Chinese or Taiwanese customers, so they are excited to see their tea finding new customers in Europe. We visited and tried the tea from literally hundreds of farmers across China and Taiwan to get this selection.

How do you recommend to prepare the tea?

We love gongfustyle or Chinese style of brewing, because it brings out the best out of our tea. All tea can be brewed with 95C hot water or as cold brew and steeped multiply times. Start with a ratio of 3-5g for 200ml, steep for 1 min and re-steep 3-8 times.

Why are your teas not organic certified?

We are looking for special artisan teas that are usually not available in the European market. Organic certified tea is often from mass-producer that export the lowest quality to Europe, thus we decided to do our own quality control. With all tea farmers, we have a personal relationship and we visit their farms regularly. Furthermore, we conduct pesticide test to double-check. Some of our teas are organically certified by a local, certified institution such as MOA in Taiwan.

Do you offer local pick up in Berlin?

Yes, if you live in Berlin we can arrange a meeting (Mitte or Neuk├Âlln) or drop your tea in one of the places that we cooperate. Talk to us directly to figure out a solution.

What does the Pesticide free stand for?

We test all our tea for 400+ Pesticides to double-check the conditions we see at the farm. For some of the tea the test report is already available and you can see it in the information on the product page. Read more about tea in Taiwan and the different forms in this article.

Do you have a store?

Unfortunately we only sell online and have pop ups from time to time in Berlin. Check out our Instagram to stay updated on locations.

Where is your tea from?

Our tea comes only from China and Taiwan. We speak the language and that helps us to connect with the farmers – we believe a close relationship with local farmers is essential for a good selection.

What water do you recommend?

We recommend you to use a soft, spring water. Many Turkish waters have a really interesting profile. Try to filter with bamboo charcoal.

What material is your packaging made from?

We try to minimize plastic as much as we can, that’s what we would recommend you to buy our tea cakes – they are only wrapped in paper. All lightly oxidized teas are currently still vacuum packed and thus have a plastic inner foil – this is the only way to preserve the taste of this tea. We are currently researching ways to offer more tea (white, black) in recycled paper packaging. Reach out if you have ideas.

Do you use any cookies or tracking on your website?

We do not use any cookies besides necessary cookies to run the website (e.g. for the cart, language selection) and we do not use any website tracking software. Your data will be never used for advertisement.

Do you ship to the US?

Yes, we ship directly from Taiwan

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