Single origin tea

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All our teas are directly from the producer & are packaged just after harvest to guarantee the best possible taste experience for you. The teas are always free of artificial flavors and all hand harvested under fair conditions. We highly recommend this selection of small farmers from Taiwan. You can buy the tea exclusivly at (German)

Puerh Tea

Unique tea cakes 


There are many myths around Puerh tea 普洱茶 – from being good against numerous diseases to helping you lose weight to generally tasting like rotten mold, containing probiotics and so on. At the same time Puerh tea is currently properly the most hyped and complex tea out there. We believe this is for a good reason that’s why we wanted to explain the hype.. [Read more in our Myth-Busting]


Single origin tea

Our approach to tea 

From bush to cup:All our teas come from farms that we know. We never work with wholesale or other third parties – we buy only from farmers. Sometimes we do work with cooperatives of farmers. We want you to know where your tea is from, so next time when you are in China or Taiwan you could say hi and have a cup of tea with the farmer. That is why our product is from “bush” – from the place where the tea is grown, where the tea master applies his or her craft to your experience at home, brewing the tea – in your cup. Learn more about tea farming in this article.

Real tea, real stories: We love tea and we want to give you a chance to taste some of the best teas. No need for overly fake descriptions of the types of flowers. Every tea we sell, we love because of its taste and origin. It’s quality. We give you some hints to make the right selection with tasting notes and descriptors. But what the tea means to you, you can find out by yourself (or together with your friends.) We would be glad if you can share your tasting notes back to everyone with a small review.

Our planet in mind: Sustainability is a strong word. We know there are a lot of false claims out there, so we have to be honest – the tea you drink comes from the other side of the world. It will never be carbon-neutral. But that said – we try to reduce and reuse as much as possible. Xian Tea only works with farmers that farm as sustainable as possible: no fertilizer, no pesticides. We are currently working hard to make our packaging more sustainable. 1% of all our revenue goes to climate projects with the help of Stripe climate

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Punto De Te

Single origin tea

Who is Xian Tea? 

Xian Tea is a tea start-up, based in Berlin and Taipeh. We offer single origin tea directly from farmers in Taiwan and China. Shop online or find us close to you. Follow our tea sourcing adventures on Instagram. Learn more about us in our “About” section.

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