Xian Tea (“Tea is the answer”) comes from the Chinese Character 閒 – a traditional Chinese character that symbolizes tranquility and peace. The character contains the word door (Men 門) and moon (Yue 月) – the moon shining through a door. We feel this this symbolizes the tranquility of drinking tea.

Xian Tea is founded by Dorina and Gregor:  We both discovered our passion for tea during our time living in China and working in a tea shop. Together we discussed on how to share our passion with more people and make tea accessible. In 2017 Gregor decided to go again to China and Taiwan to explore tea farms. With our network of tea farmers and producers Dorina and Gregor started Xian Tea in July 2018.

Our company was founded out of our passion for tea and out of own capital. We believe that more good and sustainable grown tea should be available in Europe. That is also why we founded Xian Tea in a way, that all profit will be re-invested to promote more positive tea culture, e.g. through events, collaborations with brands, better tea or helping micro-farmers accessing the European market. We want to change to way we consume tea and offer high quality beyond a label.

Xian Tea is a Berlin based company that brings single-origin teas directly from famers in China or Taiwan to your favorite cafè, space, restaurant or shop. We offer a full service for your space to offer original loose leaf tea, including staff training and events for your customers. 

Besides our selection of tea, we also offer complementary solutions like tea ware, water filter recommendations or interior design. We are happy to discuss your project and help you source great tea.

Get in touch with us to discuss what suits your place and have a tea cupping together – either in person at our pop up or via Email [email protected]

Dorina and Gregor in Yunnan with Mr. Xie

The Founder Dorina and Gregor in Yunnan with Mr. Xie


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