Wu Liang Mountain High Mountain Milky Oolong


Organic milky Oolong, from Wu Liang Mt, China. Spring harvest 2022. 100% vegan – no milk involved in processing this tea.

Tasting notes: floral, buttery notes, hint of peach

Everybody loves our Oolong tea, no matter how you prepare it #gongfustyle as a bowl tea or cold brew, it always turns out great and just simply tastes strong and floral with a buttery finish. It will hold up to ten rounds of re-steeping because of the high altitude the tea is grown in – at 2200m. Do not miss out the typical golden color of this „Jinxuan“ variety Oolong – also called Milky Oolong. Of course this tea is harvested by hand and processed in a Taiwanese style ball-shaped Oolong.

floral, buttery notes, hint of peach.

  • Cultivar: Jinxuan Cultivar

  • Oxidization: 20%

  • Fermentation: 0%

  • Production: organic-certified, pesticide-free

  • Fruity

  • Earthy

  • Floral

Weight 0,05 g

Mr. Xie and company in Yunnan


Nanjian County, Wuliang Mountain, Yunnan, China


Very remote with no cities close by it is one of the highest Oolongs (Taiwanese style) you can find, Mr. Xie grows organic and conventional. Does meet the EU pesticides level


2200 – 2400m


By hand, April 2020.

Size of farm


Test certificate

12/2020 470 Pesticides: https://xian-tea.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/Wu-Liang-Milky-Oolong-Test-Certificate-2020.pdf

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